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Harcourts Robina/Varsity

For five consecutive years, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 Harcourts Robina / Varsity has been awarded the Number One Sales Office on the Gold Coast in the Harcourts Group.

Add to this Harcourts Robina / Varsity has been the number one sales office out of all the real estate agents who operate in the area.

This claim is backed up from two independent sources firstly from a government department and secondly from the major internet provider for properties for sale in Queensland.

Sellers love to sell through our sales agents as they know that we obtain the highest sale prices for simular properties in the area.

Local sellers also know that our sales agents work 100% for them, this is not merely a claim it is our proven track record.

Buyers love to buy from us because we often have the best homes for sale and we make the buying process easy for them to purchase their new home.

So it makes perfect sense to sell or purchase properties through our experienced local sales agents.

Our Multi Award winning Property Management Department is headed up by our Senior Property Manager with 19 years experience.

Current local knowledge is paramount when it comes to pricing rental properties.

If the property is under current market value then the investor is underpaid.

When a property is over priced then this is even worse as the hundreds of dollars lost in the first couple of weeks can soon lead to thousands lost over a month or so.

It is vital that your Property Manager is a “Local Specialist” with current knowledge of local supply and demand and priced accordingly.

Whether you want to maximise you rental return or maximise your selling price then give your business to a “Real Local” and you too will become a part of our growing, glowing “Clients for Life”


If you would like to arrange a free no obligation property appraisal with a local Harcourts Professional or for personalised customer service with your buying, selling or relocation needs, contact us 07 5593 3111 or robina@harcourts.com.au